About us:

We are a sports injury resource company devoted to bringing the latest in technology to sports recovery. Founded by athletes and a sports rehab specialist. Our products are designed to help you recover faster so your performance doesn’t have to suffer.

We understand the importance of proper healing time for optimal recovery, but we also know the importance of getting back to training so you don’t lose your edge. That’s why Impact Kinetics is devoted to bringing the best sports recovery resources to athletes of all nature. The road to victory is filled with  grit, dedication, and sacrifice. You deserve to heal faster to train harder. Don’t let your injury hinder your performance. Recover faster – Train Harder with Impact Kinetics.


Dave Brethauer

Dave Brethauer is the athlete and tech guy behind Impact Kinetics.  He met Dr. Pommerehn, the other half – back in 2014 when he was looking to rehab from some weight lifting injuries.  Years of lifting left him with a bad back, knees, shoulders and elbows.  But working with the good Doc, using a wide range of resources at Dr Pommerehn’s finger-tips has reclaimed a range of motion that he thought was limited at best.  Dave can squat to parallel – in spite have 3 tears in his left meniscus, has full-range of motion with his shoulders – though the 400+ lb benches are a thing of the past, and in spite of a herniated disc is once again deadlifting!  Not bad for a guy who before he met the good doc, thought his gym days were behind him.

Dr. Graham Pommerehn, D.C.

Dr. Graham Pommerehn is a board certified chiropractic physician with a degree in exercise physiology and special training in sports rehabilitation, myofascial release techniques, and strength & conditioning.  He has spent extensive time treating athletes of all disciplines; with additional experience working in spinal cord injury, and cardiopulmonary rehab. During his experience  he has gained extensive knowledge of in the area of accelerated healing and sports injury recover. He is able to bring that expertise to Impact Kinetics in developing the most effective sports recovery gear for optimal performance.